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If you want to form a correct sentence, you will not only need the verb’s infinitive form, but also its correctly conjugated form. This applies to the German language as well as to English or Croatian. Currently, the German-Croatian as well as the German-English dictionary provide this functionality for German verbs. 8,000 German verbs can be conjugated using our generator. Since the database of the German-Croatian and German-English dictionary contains more than 10,000 verbs, the number of conjugated German verbs will continue to grow in the future. Again, we of course are happy about any contribution from our users. A new conjugation can be suggested at any time. After the conjugation has been checked by native speakers, it will be added to the dictionary and will be visible to all visitors. If we have made any error and an incorrectly conjugated verb form occurs, please click the button “report error” and enter the wrong conjugation. We will review this as soon as possible and correct the verb in our database. Thus, we will be able to maintain the high quality standard of our German-Croatian and German-English dictionary. 14 different conjugated forms of each verb can be shown. In addition to present tense and past tense (simple past), we also provide present perfect and past perfect and the two future tenses (future I and II) in their indicative and subjunctive form. In order for the conjugation tables to stay easily readable, the tenses are divided into four sections. Above each field, a heading shows the tense displayed. The personal pronoun always is next to the conjugated verb form. Thus, the required form of the verb for the most frequently used tenses can be found within a few seconds. This again emphasizes’s versatility for professional, educational, and private purposes. This service of is above all useful for all visitors whose native language is not German.

It is sufficient to enter one known form of the German verb into the search field. The infinitive then will appear next to the word’s translation. If the translated word needs to be conjugated, please click the button “conjugate verb”. The verb will then be conjugated for all available tenses.

As of recently, also Croatian and English verbs can be conjugated. The number of English and Croatian verbs is lower than that of the German conjugations but is constantly growing.