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If you have been involved with the Croatian language, you will have noticed soon that actually nothing is really simple. That applies also to the declined Croatian nouns, as – unlike as in German – there are seven cases for Croatian nouns, i.e. three more than in the English language. In addition two the known cases nominative, genitive, dative, and accusative, there are locative, vocative, and instrumental in Croatian. Non-native Croatian speakers might think that these are rather many cases and that this is rather complicated. But there is an easy solution to this problem, as on croDict you can now look up many declined Croatian nouns. It is very easy and simple. You just need to select the Croatian dictionary, enter the Croatian noun – and you’re finished. It does not matter whether you enter the noun in its basic form or in ints declined form. croDict will recognize the Croatian noun and will show the basic form as well as the complete declination in singular and plural. Therefore, 14 cases will be shown in total. As in Croatian the meaning of a complete sentence depends on the ending of the referring noun, the declined Croatian nouns offer a great help to avoid misunderstandings

A lot has changed since croDict has started years ago as the first German-Croatian Online Dictionary. For some time now, croDict has been offering a German-English dictionary and an English-Croatian dictionary to its users as well.

The latest additions are sample sentences as well as conjugated Croatian verbs and adjectives. Thus, croDict offers great help in learning the Croatian language. In order to keep the vocabulary up-to-date and to grow the number of words, croDict now offers the new input field “Suggest New Translation” where you can suggest new translations for the three languages. Before showing it to all users, every proposed translation will be checked by native speakers and corrected if necessary. Only then the new translation will be visible for everyone, because only this way, croDict’s standard can be guaranteed. croDict will continue to grow and to offer a wider and wider range to its visitors.