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*NEW* With great pleasure, we announce that from now on you can translate your texts with croDict! Particularly interesting: You have the opportunity to choose gender and form of address in your translations. This ensures 100% aligned translations that perfectly match your needs. Don't miss out on this opportunity - try it out immediately!

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croatian german
otpad Nouns Abfall
otpad Nouns Ausschuss
otpad Nouns Schutt
otpad Nouns Schrott
otpad Nouns Wegfall
otpad Nouns Entfall
otpad Nouns Unrat
otpad Nouns Schund
otpad Nouns Spam
otpad Nouns Fortfall
otpad Nouns Altmaterial
otpad Nouns Brack
otpad Nouns Altstoff

5 examples found

croatian german
otpad Nouns Abfall
opasni otpad gefährlicher Abfall
radioaktivni otpad atomarer Abfall
radioaktivni otpad kontaminierter Abfall
radioaktivni otpad radioaktiver Abfall
otpad Nouns Schrott
staviti metalni otpad u prešu Schrott in die Presse geben