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The German-Croatian online dictionary has been published in 2006 by Jurica Romic being the first online dictionary for these two languages. Until today, there have been several revisions, expansions, and refinements. Thus, today does not only offer a German-Croatian dictionary to its users, but also a Croatian-English dictionary. and an English-German dictionary. The current version of includes more than 230,000 translations and is growing steadily. Thanks to the support of many eager and qualified visitors clicking "suggest new translation" again and again, new translations are added almost every day and existing translations are expended. In order for to maintain our high standards, each proposed translation is reviewed by native speakers before adding them to the German-Croatian dictionary. Should an error occur in spite of our thorough research and control, please let us know! Simply click the button "report error", enter the word with the wrong translation, add, if known, the correct translation and send it to us. We will review the reported error and the new translation and then modify them if necessary. We need your support to further optimize and increase the German-Croatian dictionary does not only translate individual words, but also German or Croatian phrases and typical sentences or questions. For example, phrases like "Merry Christmas" or short questions like "How are you?" are translated as well.

Special character

When entering text you must neither pay attention to German nor to Croatian special characters, for the German-Croatian online dictionary will recognize the requested word and display the correct translation. This allows you to use the dictionary abroad and to look for Croatian words with special characters without first switching the keyboard. Of course, the translation will be displayed with the correct special characters, so that is ideal for professional, educational, and private purposes. The beolingus vocabulary of is of very high quality and always up to date thanks to the support of our active members.

The entire dictionary can be translated with one click: simply click on the icon with the British, German, or Croatian flag, and the German-Croatian dictionary will be reloaded completely in the corresponding language.

Spelling out Numbers

The German-Croatian dictionary cannot only translate words but also numbers. Simply enter the desired number in digits, and the corresponding translation will appear. All numbers up to 999 999 999 can be displayed and translated.